Use the HTML parameter 'zWatermarkPath=watermarkGraphicPath' to enable the display of a watermark across the Zoomify Image at regular intervals. This feature clearly communicates that an image is not to be reused - especially if used in conjunction with the Copyright feature in the next example. However, this display is 'non-destructive' - that is, the watermarks hover above the image. The image tiles are received and displayed - and cached by the browser - intact.

This feature should NOT be used as a standalone security measure. It cannot prevent image theft by the determined content thief. To better protect your image online, use an image editor to directly apply watermarks to the image prior to converting it using the Zoomify Converter, crop the image and only display part of it at high-resolution, resize the image to shrink it so that the entire display is at a lower resolution, or select only specific images to display online.