Click the button Toggle Measuring to begin measuring. A first click in the image causes an elastic measuring line to be displayed from the click-point to the current mouse position. A caption displays the length of the line. A second click causes the cummulative length to be displayed. Click as many times as desired to create additional line segments. Click the starting point to close the polygon and display its area.

Measuring is enabled in the Zoomify Image Viewer using the HTML parameter zMeasureVisible=1. Additional parameters allow selection of units for the displayed measurements (by default, measurements are in image pixels). See the Zoomify Parameter List in the Documentation folder for details.

Note that measurements created in this example are not saved - each new measurement erases any prior measurement, and any measurement is deleted when the browser is closed. To create multiple measurements and/or to be able to save measurements (as a file on your web server) see the annotation editing examples. Annotation features are extensive and are supported by the Zoomify Image Viewer in the Zoomify HMTL5 Enterprise product.