The Zoomify Image Viewer included in the Enterprise edition supports the ability to apply image filters to any Zoomify Image. This example demonstrates the image filters in the group labeled 'HSL', which is implemented using the HTML parameter setting zImageFiltersVisible=hsl. These include the filters specific to the HSL color coordinate representation system of the RGB color model. This representation is preferred by some imaging professional for some imaging applications. HSL stands for 'hue, saturation, and lightness'.

The HSL representation is similar to the HSV, HSB, and HSI systems, in which V, B, and I stand for 'value', 'brightness', and 'intensity'. While typically consistent, these reprsentations are not standardized and may therefore vary.

Filters can be enabled or disabled using additional HTML parameters - either in conjunction with a group value or individually. See the example '85-ImageFilters-All' to view all of the image filters at once and find additional information in the Parameter List document in the Documentation folder of the product.