The Zoomify Image Viewer supports automatic viewing and creation of in-image 'Bookmarks' and 'Favorites'!

To view a Zoomify Bookmark, use one simple HTML parameter, zBoorkmarksGet=1. This enables the Zoomify Image Viewer to read the current web page's URL, find any view coordinates, and use them to automatically set the initial view. No extra setup in the web page is needed! Click one of these links to see this feature in action!
zoomify-bookmarks.htm?x=546&y=1605&z=100             zoomify-bookmarks.htm?x=1350&y=1850&z=100
To create a Zoomify Bookmark use the HTML parameter zBookmarksSet=1. The Zoomify Image Viewer will dynamically add the current view's X, Y, and Zoom values to the end of the URL in the browser's address bar. Watch it while you zoom and pan the image and see it update on-the-fly!

Rotation is also included, if in use. Other features to be added based on customer input. For details, see the Parameter List in the Documentation folder.