The Zoomify Image Viewer can save any current view or an entire image with related annotations to a JPEG or PNG file on your webserver. Enable image saving using the HTML parameter zSaveImageHandlerPath. If only saving locally, a save image handler is not required but the parameter is still needed and should be set zSaveImageHandlerPath=local.*

Optional additional parameters include zSaveImageFilename to set the saved image file's name, zSaveImageFormat to set the file format (JPEG or PNG), zSaveImageCompression to set the compression level, and zSaveImageBackColor to set the background color. See the Parameters List in the Documentation folder for details.

The saved image will include labels even if they are outside of the image area, and will be formatted to provide a small outer margin if needed. Of course the resulting image can be edited in any image editing program to further format or crop its contents.

When saving to the webserver, the Save feature makes use of a small server-side helper script - standard webserver security requires that any saving (posting) must be done by a file on the server with appropriate permissions. Zoomify HTML5 Enterprise includes an example saving script, uploadImage.php, in the product's Developer Resources | Image Posting Options folder. (This file contains just twenty five lines and can be easily ported to ASP, JSP, Python or the other preferred scripting language.)

*IMPORTANT NOTE: Saving locally is supported by Firefox and Chrome, however, at this time it is not supported by Internet Explorer, Edge, or Safari. Also note that the image file saved will be a JPEG.