The Zoomify Image Viewer supports animation viewing! Possible effects include 3D object, time-lapse, 360 degree panoramas, and more. The above example presents a simple time-lapse animation. Note that this animation is set to not loop when is reacahes its end or beginning.

To view the animation in action, click-drag when zoomed out. Click-dragging when zoomed in reverts to standard panning behavior. Additional navigation options include a dedicated toolbar slider (optional), toolbar Next and Prior buttons, mousewheel, choicelist (optional), and the Page-Up / Page-Down keys.

Implement an animation using the HTML parameter zAnimationPath referencing an animation.xml file typically in the Assets/Animations folder. Use the parameter zImageSetSliderVisible=0 to hide the animation slider on the toolbar or the parameter zMouseWheel=1 or =2 to determine whether the mouse wheel zooms the image or animates it.

Supported options in the animation.xml file include CHOICELIST to position the animation image choice list, LISTTITLE to add a title to the list, START to set the first image displayed, LOOP to permit cycling forward from the last list item to the first or vice versa, SLIDER to hide or show the toolbar slider (above HTML parameter overrides), AXIS="horizontal" or AXIS="vertical" to specify which drag direction drives the animation, and ANIMATOR="motion" or ANIMATOR="position" to determine whether mouse/touch dragging will animate the display (typical for 3D objects and time-lapse animations) or whether the distance from the first click-point will do so (often preferred for panoramas).

Content courtesy of and copyright Research Center for Earth Operative Monitoring (NTS OMZ).