The Zoomify Image Viewer animation viewing support includes 3D object, time-lapse, 360 degree panoramas, and more. The above example presents a simple 360 degree panorama. Partial panoramas are also possible. Of course, this example is an animation displaying separate images - not a single 'stitched' image being pivoted dynamically. Creating panoramas of this sort is very simple, though the result is less smooth and 'immersive' to view.

To view the animation in action, click-drag when zoomed out. Click-dragging when zoomed in reverts to standard panning behavior. Additional navigation options include a dedicated toolbar slider, toolbar Next and Prior buttons, mousewheel, choicelist (optional), and the Page-Up / Page-Down keys.

Note that this animation example uses the position of the mouse, touch, or other pointer to animate the display, rather than the motion of the pointer. The further the pointer is from the original click-point, the faster the animation proceeds. This approach is more common with presentations of 'pivoting' panoramic content. The alternative approach can easily be substituted by changing the ANIMATOR value in the animation.xml file.

For complete details on the extensive HTML and XML parameters available see the example 'Animations-TimeLapse' or the Parameters List document in the Documentation folder!