(hotspots different on each image)

The Zoomify Image Viewer animation viewing support includes time-lapse, 3D object, 360 degree panoramas, and more. The above example presents a simple animation combined with hotspots. The hotspots can be different on each animation image, or the same on any or all images. This example uses a different XML file for the hotspots of each image so they change as the user navigates between frames.

To view the animation in action, click-drag when zoomed out. Click-dragging when zoomed in reverts to standard panning behavior. Additional navigation options include a dedicated toolbar slider, toolbar Next and Prior buttons, mousewheel, choicelist (optional), and the Page-Up / Page-Down keys.

For complete details on the extensive HTML and XML parameters available see the example 'Animations-TimeLapse' or the Parameters List document in the Documentation folder!