The Zoomify Image Viewer supports the IIIF protocol for standards-based access to image content at leading universities, museums, and other institutions. Support for standard server and display values seamlessly integrates with all the benefits of the Zoomify Image Viewer.

Intuitive zoom-and-pan navigation includes keyboard, mouse, touch, mousewheel, Toolbar, and Navigator (bird's-eye view) options. Click or double-click to zoom in or out, and drag-click to pan. Alt-click-drag to select a zoom region, or alt-click and alt-double-click to zoom fully in or out. If a non-interactive display is preferred, simple HTML parameters are supported.

The Zoomify Image Viewer complements IIIF image access with powerful image exploration and data presentation features including full screen view, bookmarks, watermarks, measuring, rotation, side-by-side comparison, tours, slideshows, hotspots, animations, annotations, image filters, slidestacks, and more.

Additional protocol details follow below, as complete information is available in the Parameters List and Function List documentation.

IIIF Protocol: scheme://server/prefix/identifier/region/size/rotation/quality.format

IIIF Demo Values: http://stacks.stanford.edu/image/iiif/ff139pd0160%252FK90113-43/0,1200,5123,2242/900,400/0/default.jpg

Comparison demo at IIIF website: At the Stanford University IIIF Webset (scroll to bottom of page)

Zoomify demo web page values:
Z.showImage("myContainer", "null", "zIIIFScheme=https&zIIIFServer=stacks.stanford.edu&zIIIFPrefix=image/iiif&
&zIIIFQuality=default&zIIIFFormat=jpg& zRotationVisible=1");

NOTE: Because this example accesses content from the Stanford IIIF reference server it is dependent for its functioning and its performance upon that server being operational, and on it permitting cross-domain access (access from the location of the example rather than from the location of the server).

Powrót do strony demo